A book is a literary voyage, and we authors in the trail of Mother Earth are the voyagers, inviting others to share the inner- and outer-scapes through our words and narratives. Biodiversity teaches us that each living being is different. That is how I see literature and books. Genres kill art. Genres humiliate people’s sensibilities, spoon-feeding audiences to sell. Selling is important, but it cannot be the vision.

(Davide Sapienza)


Il magazine anglosassone Dragonfly, dedicato alla eco-fiction, pubblica una serie di interventi-interviste (due domande, uguali per tutti gli autori) da diversi paesi del mondo. Per l’Italia questa prima puntata include Elena Maffioletti, Tiziano Fratus, Davide Sapienza: si tratta della World Eco-fiction Series: Climate Change and Beyond, in collaborazione – per l’Italia – con Antonia Santopietro e il suo magazine online Zest. Letteratura Sostenibile: ecco gli interventi della prima uscita, BUONA LETTURA.

The eco-fiction oriented online magazine Dragonfly, started the World Eco-fiction Series: Climate Change and Beyond, dedicated to Authors in Italy dealing with nature, ecology and this peculiar type of literary field. The first release includes two questions for three authors, Elena Maffioletti, Tiziano Fratus, Davide Sapienza. This work is an idea conceived and shared with Antonia Santopietro e her online literary magazine Zest. Letteratura Sostenibile: please read our thoughts HERE