«A long time ago I realized how geography speaks to us with the language of freedom»

In 2019, when Il Geopoeta. Avventure Nelle Terre Della Percezione was released, the renowned online section of Il Sole 24 Ore published a lenghty excerpt from the book’s “manifesto”, Chapter 1, La Geografia E’ Poetica (you can read it in Italian HERE), the longest of the eight chapters of this book, the one summing up over twenty five years of work on the field, travels, literary walkings, lectures, translations. It is with please I offer here an English language translation of most of this chapter that can be dowloaded and/or read HERE. Always reminding that if we do not start from our perception, we can never get to the realm of knowledge. These  ideas inform my work in Italy and abroad (Norway, Luxembourg) for geopoetic projects with major European institutions.

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